I decided to take a stand. A coffee stand.  

Here’s the deal: we have a crappy coffee pot at work and communal coffee. Once a month I pick up a tub of Folgers to add to the communal pot and every now and then I pick up creamer. I work 3 days a week. Actually I should say I go to my office three days a week because I WORK every day. But still. My life is awesome. My point here is that I am only at the communal coffee trough three days per week. And then I only drink one cup of coffee.

Last week a nasty note appeared by the coffee pot. It specified a need for all of us to pitch in money for coffee. It also specified two people who supposedly purchase all of the coffee and went on to say it was unfair to place the burden on these two people.

Now while I acknowledge these two people do often bring in coffee, I would not agree they are the only ones. I mean. Come on. Does the Big Tub of Folgers not count? Plus I’m not a big fan of nasty notes.Whether the note was aimed at me, or whether I was not considered in the equation doesn’t matter.

Nasty notes aren’t cool.

I took a stand.

I took Folgers off the grocery list. Permanently.

This was the first week of “The Stand.” Every morning my husband makes himself a thermos of coffee to take to work, so he started making me one too. (I know I’ve mentioned this, but it bears repeating: I have won the Hubby Lottery).

Day 1: Thermos of good coffee (not crappy Folgers). Ahhh.

Day 2: Sings happy coffee song.

Day 3: Uh oh. Someone forgot her thermos at home.

Yes. That’s right. Within the first week, my stand has bitten me in the ass. I don’t have coffee and because of my arrogant, “I don’t need this crap” attitude, I can’t go get one from the communal pot.

I am screwed.

Life lesson learned: never cut off a coffee source.


Update: Remember when I had to weigh my backpack to see how many backpacks of fat I carry around? Well apparently it doesn’t stop with backpacks. I did some calculating.


  • You can get 90  – 6 oz cups of coffee from an 11.5 oz package of Folgers (if made according to directions).
  • I buy the 33.9 ounce tub of Folgers.
  • :furious scribbling:
  • That means you can get 265  – 6 ounce cups of coffee from the Big Tub.
  • Now say I doubled that for my consumption each day. Say I drink 12 ounces instead of 6 ounces (which seems realistic).
  • That means I am drinking 6 cups of coffee a week, or 24 cups every four weeks.
  • 265 cups – 24 cups = 241  cups left.
  • I still say I am buying my fair share of coffee.
  • I think The Stand continues. I’m not buying coffee and I’m not putting money in the Nasty Note Envelope.
  • Yeah. Okay. It turns out I am willing to cut off a coffee source to make a point. This is probably not wise.

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  1. Did you… did you put MATH in your blog?!

    And yeah, it feels crappy when not only did not one single soul notice you were trying to help out, but you also get scolded because no one noticed. Scolded second hand with no opportunity for rebuttal.

    I am WITH you and your coffee boycott!


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