Here We Go

First post. Always awkward.

There are two ingredients to a successful blog: a goal, and hilarity. If the hilarity includes four letter words and happens to invoke images of zombie apocalypses, well then all the better.

I have a problem. I have no goal. I’ve firmly decided against blogging about my attempts to lose weight because, let’s face it, a lot of people are doing that and the chances of me giving up chocolate and getting up every day at 5:00 am to exercise are slim to none. I’ve been attempting that goal for years and I don’t think it’s suddenly going to get interesting. Or actually happen.

Here are my ideas so far. There’s a place to vote at the end and please offer suggestions!

  1. Share one personal thing a day for one year. I’m heavily leaning toward this. As a painfully introverted person I work very hard at appearing outgoing. Yet I still heavily guard the thoughts trampling through my mind. Sharing personal stuff with the world at large (or at least the two people I can count on to read this blog) might be good for me.
  2. Write every single day for one year and blog about it. Eh. As a wannabe writer this appeals to me as a way to keep a fire under my butt. Yet reading about me sitting at the computer drinking coffee with a pained look on my face sounds about as interesting as counting spoons. So maybe no on this one.
  3. Learn a new language. Maybe I could drive around in the car repeating phrases and learning how to ask for beer. Beer’s healthier to drink than water in foreign countries, right?
  4. Invent a new religion. Too complicated. Plus I don’t feel like becoming a polygamist which seems to be a requirement for new religious sects. I mean, how many husbands can one person nag?
  5. Try a new adventure every weekend for a year. This sounds like fun. And a bit scary. I’m not athletic, I’m accident prone, and I’m a big fat chicken. This definitely sounds more fun to read about than to do.
  6. Read and review one book a week. Boring for other people? Probably. Fun for me? Yup. If there weren’t so many other requirements in life – like eating, and breathing – all I would do is read. And write. So writing about reading seems sweet.
  7. Research one political issue per week and blog about it. I feel ignorant about many things in this world. I’m like many Americans. I’d rather plug my ears and sing loudly so I can’t hear what you’re talking about then have the gut wrenching stress of dealing with overwhelming issues. Should I continue hiding or get out there and become active?
  8. Start an online business and blog about it from the first idea to the end of a successful year. This sounds interesting, but also like a lot of work. I’m allergic to work that doesn’t involve a lot of coffee drinking and making up stories.

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