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Don’t Go In The Water

A woman.

Left in a pool.

For days.


Let’s review. A woman went to the pool on Sunday. She couldn’t swim. She either bumped into a child and fell in, or bumped the child after she fell in. Either way, she didn’t resurface. The nine year-old she bumped went to two different lifeguards. Neither lifeguard looked for her.The pool remained open and people continued to swim.

Tuesday night (yes, that’s right, over two days later) a group of kids climbed the fence for a late night swim. They discovered the woman’s body floating in the water.

Uh. Okay.

Let’s take this one “fact” at a time.

  1. A woman went into the water, TWO lifeguards were notified, but no one looked for her. That right there is some pretty awesome lifeguarding. Question: how hard is it to look for a drowning woman? Wait. We’ll get to that.
  2. This woman has (had) five kids. And neighbors. And friends. Supposedly. No one missed her? No one went to the authorities and said, “Hey. Uh. Stacey was at the pool on Sunday but never came home.” (Stacey is not her real name. I’m using it for purposes of not knowing her real name). And besides, how is it no one other than a nine-year old kid noticed a woman go into the pool and not come back up?
  3. TWO DAYS. People swam in the pool with a DEAD BODY for two days. Again, how hard is it to spot a dead body in a pool? Since the discovery authorities have done “visibility tests.” They’ve determined a diver can’t be seen in the pool after three or so feet. Okay people. That is gross. You can’t see the bottom of any pool, much less a public pool where there is a high probability of little kid turds, then don’t go in. So apparently it was hard for the lifeguards to look for a drowning woman. They’d have to get in that water. And they knew better.
    1. Also: I know in the course of two days some kid must’ve tried to see if he could touch the bottom of the very cloudy 12’ pool. Maybe he bumped something. Something sorta squishy. And bloated. And dead. That right there = worse than finding the shark eaten bodies in Jaws.
    2. The child who tried in vain to alert the lifeguards, and the kids who broke the rules by climbing the fence are the only heroes of the story. All the adults failed. Miserably. The kids could’ve jumped back over the fence and forgotten it. Like the lifeguards forgot to look for a drowning woman and then forgot that they forgot and decided to pretend it didn’t happen.
    3. The city where this happened has issued a statement declaring there were no health risks to those who swam in the pool during the time the decomposing body floated unseen in the murky waters.  I beg to differ. Even if there wasn’t a dead body in that pool, it was so dirty you probably have cholera. Everyone who swam in it should go get a Silkwood-esque scrub down. Pronto.

This is the kind of thing you can’t write. You can’t put it in a story because your reader will think you’re an idiot. They’ll discount it because this kind of thing can’t possibly happen.

But it did. It did.

P.S. Out of respect, I had to look up the woman’s name. Her name was Marie Joseph. She had five kids and was only 36 years old. It is an appalling tragedy for her family and for the little boy who tried to alert authorities. I ask, what is wrong with us as human beings if we can’t even come to the aid of a drowning woman?

Here’s the link, in case you’re curious.



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